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First, a sectional door is… very practical!

  • A sectional door opens toward the interior of the shed, instead of toward the outside like a tilt garage door/swing garage door. This means in the winter, you won’t have to shovel the show in front of the door to access it.
  • A sectional door retracts toward the ceiling, meaning you maximize the interior space you need.
  • With a six-foot wide door, it is easier to move large equipment around. Larger than a 36-in veneer door, you can easily move in and out your motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile.
  • You can finally install an electric garage door opener. With a simple click, you are able to easily open your garage door without getting off your motorcycle.

It coordinates with your main garage door

  • You can match the color and design of your shed garage door with your main garage door.
  • If you add windows, you can get the same model for both doors.

It requires very little maintenance

  • Contrary to 36-in veneer doors, you don’t have to paint them.
  • They come with a baked-on paint finish in a variety of colors.

It can be as small as 4 feet wide

  • Most shed doors are at least 6 feet wide and 6′ 6″ high, especially if you want to store a motorcycle or ATV.
  • You can get a garage door as small as 4-feet wide, and even install a window.

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