Our Precautions Regarding Coronavirus

Our Precautions Regarding Coronavirus

The past few months have been tremendously different in various ways. The typical day-to-day life so many of us were adapted to was changed completely. A number of health regulations and safety protocols have been put in place to ensure the safety of all individuals. Here at JD Garage Doors we have been handling the instructed safety protocols for the last few months after being deemed essential and are confident in our safety. Since the start of state reopening we have continued to follow these regulations to ensure the safety of all our customers, as well as the rest of the Long Island community. We are continuing to offer no-contact services, and continuing to operate for both commercial and residential customers. 

For months on nearly every news channel you continuously hear about the Coronavirus. Although progress in limiting the spread is being made, not everyone agrees with how the situation is being handled and how reopening processes are being developed. Due to the various opinions regarding this issue, at JD Garage Doors we think it is critical to address each customers concerns and explain the precautions we are taking as a company. There are still a number of factors that are considerably unknown in regard to this health crisis, with that being said, as a company we are continuing to stay informed and carefully following the given safety guidelines. As a company, we want our customers to feel confident in us by doing all we can to protect and ensure safety for our customers. Not only do we want customers to feel confident in our health regulations but this also goes for both the quality of our garage door repair and installation services.

To keep both our employees and our customers safe and healthy, we are, as mentioned, continuing to work with caution and staying aware of new ways to limit sickness and avoid the spread of germs. We are determined to stay safe as a company for our customers and want to keep our employees safe as well. With this being said, our employees are required to report any oncoming illnesses prior to reporting to work. Employees are also required to report if they have been in contact with anyone diagnosed with the Coronavirus. Each of these steps will prevent the virus from entering our office space and being spread to others.

Our In-Home Touch-Free Quote & Repair/Installation Health Precautions

Our safety protocols go beyond the office and follow our employees while reporting to jobs throughout the day. We have informed our technicians about new health codes for in-home repairs and installations and have made the various precautions clear. Below, we have outlined these steps for you:

  • It is required to disinfect and properly clean all equipment, and other work materials between each job.
  • Keep a 6 foot distance between themselves and customers.
  • Avoid contact with customers, work contact free.
  • Avoid going inside a customer home (if possible).
  • Do not touch anything in the home if going inside is deemed necessary, this includes door knobs.
  • Wear disposable gloves when inside customer homes, wear appropriate equipment to ensure safety.
  • Report immediately if you come in contact with someone diagnosed with Coronavirus.
  • Call prior to reporting for work if showing any signs of sickness.

In addition to the steps we have mentioned above, if you have any other safety suggestions you would like your technician to follow, please share your concerns. JD Garage Doors is determined to serve our community and complete successful services while remaining safe. In regard to payment, please talk to your technician if you prefer a certain payment method that is more convenient or best suits your safety concerns. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our safety measures. JD Garage Doors is here to help you feel secure in your home and confident in the services we will provide for your garage door.

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